...Can't Speak Italian?

Don't worry! :-)

Italian is a wonderfull language, but you can easily translate all the articles and the contents in this webiste using an automatic translation service (for free). Google Translate is probabily the easiest to use.

If you are browsing this website with Google Chrome, right click on your mouse and you should see the "Translate" option.

Can't see "Translate"? Digit "translate.google.com" in your browser and type the address of QTLab website (www.qtlab.ch) in the left panel: on the right panel you can choose your language (Google can translate in more than 100 languages!) and then click on the link below to get the website translated. Quick and easy.

Remember this is an automatic translation, but Google technology has improved in tha last few years so much: I can assure that translation from Italian to English of such technical concepts, is quite effective (give it a try).

this is QTLab webiste in English (click here)

this is QTLab webiate in German (click here)

this is QTLab webiate in Spanish (click here

this is QTLab webiate in French (click here)

...try with your own language! 


We can also make available our Seminars /

Webinars / Manuals IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE

(click here to see all the seminars available)


For example, take the seminar: "Options & Futures: Short Strangle with Mechanical Defense" (that we replicate three or four time every year): this is the last recorded session with subtitles in your own language... Video + Slide + Manuals + Workspaces: translated.


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